Creative Photography & Visual Marketing services 

By Mark Griffiths 


Apr 02
Aftershave Shoot


Recently we were tasked with shooting some aftershave for some point of sale material. Here's a vey quick 'How it was done'.

The first thing was to interpret the brief. Brief's can be several pages long but on this occasion it was very simple, make it look "masculine" was the brief!

We decided on a black plexiglass shooting table that would add nice reflection to the base of the bottle and we used a simple grey background that would allow for the halo of light to shine through and backlight the centre of the bottle and highlight the logo & brand.

A fill light was added camera left to bring out the detail in the bottle. As the bottle was highly reflective again we shot through some 'tracing paper' to make sure that no reflections were visible. A hole was cut in this to allow the camera lens to peer through.

A kicker light was then added camera left, at the rear, to give a nice edge light and to give form to the bottle.


Afterwards several hours of post production took place to clean up all the imperfections on the bottle.

Here's a BTS shot whilst we were shooting.

studio twitter.jpg 


Apr 01
New Beginnings

Well I have finally managed to give our website the de clutter it needed! There have been some big changes to our business and so it was very much needed. So what's changed?

Firstly we have stopped shooting family portrait sessions at our studio and we are significantly reducing the number of weddings we take on each year, so book soon :)! This is to make way for our new 'Joltmedia' brand which will concentrate more on commercial photography, videography & design.

The last fifteen years have been great but it's now time to take on some fresh challanges, have a look at some of the things we can now do!